Frictionless checkout DigitKart

Instant, Frictionless checkout is the ultimate convenience.

Cut down on lines to increase your revenue. DigitKart powered by Digit7, our next-generation frictionless self-checkout machine, is very easy for your customers to use. It can tell what things are in less than a second, so your customers can scan, pay, and be on their way. DigitKart fits into the way your store is already set up, and it uses computer vision to see things the way your eyes do. It can tell right away what is packaged, what is fresh, and what is on an open plate from any angle.  It can literally identify anything your customers throw at it.
Juniper Research projects that smart checkout technologies' frictionless transactions would reach $387 billion in 2025, up from $2 billion in 2020.

Place any item, anyway.

DigitKart can ring up customers' products from any angle without barcodes. Our 3-D camera and computer vision algorithms easily distinguish product sizes without a scale. DigitKart will boost revenue and customer satisfaction. No app or barcode scanning is needed; shoppers simply set goods down, pay, and leave in 10 seconds, six times faster than a typical self-checkout machine. Instant barcode-free checkout.
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In the last decade we have seen retail technology taking huge steps forward.

Successful retailers sell more than products. Single-channel retailers can't meet consumers' 24/7 shopping needs. After COVID-19, many retailers sought touchless and cashless payment methods. New retail technology requires businesses to offer smooth, engaging, and integrated customer experiences. Industry-specific promotions are out of stock due to supply chain issues. Retailers must keep an eye on the global marketplace, be flexible, and change as needed.

Core Features

10x Faster item identification​
+3 transaction per minute​
6x Faster Checkout ​than Traditional POS​
Decrease labor costs by 80% - 90%​

Why choose DigitKart?

Why does DigitKart matter?

  • DigitKart is a frictionless checkout product with built in components like Cameras, Terminal App, M2 card reader, a SaaS based admin portal for User Management, and Dashboard Analytics that includes reporting that both creates and maintains the specific location of the product. 
  • Having installed DigitKart in stores creates a frictionless checkout and enhances the shoppers experience for a faster checkout and reduced waiting time.

How exactly DigitKart work?

  • DigitKart uses the visual AI based computer vision solution to identify multiple items in a fraction of seconds, provides contactless payment through a mobile App QR Code that can be found in the Apple Store and the Android Play Store. The customer can use either their credit or debit Cards for an easy check out.  
  • Shopper enters the store, picks the products and proceeds towards self-check out area. 
    • a) The place all the Grocery items in the Kiosk Counter.
    • b) Items will be displayed on screen.
    • c) Once all the items are placed on the counter, the customer only needs to tap on Pay
    • d) M2 card reader machine is available right next to the Kiosk for payment.

Can people enter without app and bank account and do manual/cash payments?

Yes, Cash Payments are supported by DigitKart 

How are you keeping the shopper’s information secure?

Data is secured and stored in an encrypted manner.

Who can use our stores?

All kinds of shoppers. Note: Pet animals are not allowed in the store for now.

Will it work for new stores only or existing stores as well?

Both new stores and the existing stores. 

Is your app on play store or app store?

Yes, our proprietary app is in Android for now, in future implementations iOS will be supported

Can DigitKart be customized? And how much does this solution cost?

Based on customer request, DigitKart can be enhanced. Our pricing really depends on what you need. Feel free to reach out to us at for assistance.

What is your store size requirements and how much square foot can be supported by DigitKart?

A minimum of 250 square feet to 1000 square feet are supported. 

Is DigitKart customizable? And how much does the entire Digit7 suite cost?

Based on customer request, DigitKart can be enhanced. Our pricing really depends on what you need. Feel free to reach out to us at for assistance.

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