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Say Goodbye to Waiting.
No Barcodes Needed

Experience immediate checkouts without the need for barcodes. The future is now, and long lines are history.

Accolades and Recognition

We're proud to have been recognized as the Retail Company of the Year, and have received accolades such as Best of CES, Best New Product, and Most Innovative Technology. Know More >

Real Technology, Tangible Results

Digit7’s product suite offers 10x faster item identification, allowing a sale to be completed in less than three seconds.

Any Item, Any Way

DigitKart isn't reliant on barcodes, so we can scan the items from any angle.

Our Cameras Capture Everything

Our advanced cameras and computer vision algorithms recognize objects in 3D, easily distinguishing between product sizes, brands, and contents without the need for a scale.

Stay Safe with Contactless Checkout

DigitKart allow your customer to checkout securely and safely.

DigitKart Kiosks in Action

From convenience stores to sports arenas, our kiosks are saving clients money,
increasing revenue, and enhancing the customer experience. You can find us in:
Convenience Stores:

Offering round-the-clock options and convenience 24/7.


Serving cafeterias nationwide.

Sports Arenas

Ensuring fans never miss the action with our checkouts at major games.

Full & Select Hotels

Providing contactless checkout to your guests. Calculate ROI >

Feedback We've Received at Industry Events

Once our customers try DigitKart, they fall in love and don’t want to shop any other way.

Darshan GadSVP Innovation at Delek US

With DigitKart, you can go entirely contactless and fast. So you'll be healthier, safer, and faster

SFTechnology Program Manager

Traditional Point of Sale (POS) machines can't keep up or even compare to the business that 1 DigitKart will generate

JMDistrict Manager

DigitKart is much faster, and is just a better customer experience.

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Why choose DigitKart?

Why does DigitKart matter?

  • DigitKart is a frictionless checkout product with built in components like Cameras, Terminal App, M2 card reader, a SaaS based admin portal for User Management, and Dashboard Analytics that includes reporting that both creates and maintains the specific location of the product. 
  • Having installed DigitKart in stores creates a frictionless checkout and enhances the shoppers experience for a faster checkout and reduced waiting time.

How exactly does DigitKart work?

  • DigitKart uses the visual AI based computer vision solution to identify multiple items in a fraction of seconds, provides contactless payment through a mobile App QR Code that can be found in the Apple Store and the Android Play Store. Customer can use either their credit or debit Cards for an easy check out.  
  • Shopper enters the store, picks the products and proceeds towards self-check out area. 
    • a) Place all the Grocery items on the Kiosk Counter.
    • b) Items will be displayed on the screen.
    • c) Once all the items are placed on the counter, the customer only needs to tap on Pay
    • d) M2 card reader machine is available right next to the Kiosk for payment.

Can people enter without app and bank account and do manual/cash payments?

Yes, Cash Payments are supported by DigitKart 

How are you keeping the shopper’s information secure?

Data is secured and stored in an encrypted manner.

Will DigitKart only work in new store builds?

No. DigitKart is not just for new stores, it can be retrofitted to support an existing store, or it can be deployed in a new store as well.

Can DigitKart be customized? And how much does this solution cost?

Based on customer request, DigitKart can be customized. Our pricing really depends on what you need. Feel free to reach out to us at contact@digit7.ai for assistance.

How much does the entire Digit7 suite cost?

Our pricing really depends on what you need. Feel free to reach out to us at contact@digit7.ai for assistance.

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