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Autonomous retail – The future of shopping.

Digit7’s DigitMart is an autonomous shopping experience. Your customers enter the store, pickup their products, and simply walk out the door. No need to scan, queue or checkout. Customers can shop at any time that works best for them. You just make shopping easier.
In a recent survey conducted by Accenture, more than 95% of both B2C and B2B executives said that they believe their customers are changing faster than they can change their businesses.

The way we shop is changing at a faster rate than ever before.

Merchants in the Retail industry that have moved toward digital transformations are seeing an increase in customer loyalty and an increase in revenue. This is because they have adopted technological advances that are changing the way their customers shop and making it easier for customers to shop when and how they want.
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Retail technology: The evolution of onsite AI powered technologies.

Computer Vision AI technology is at the center of our retail technology. It can tell which products your customers have selected and accurately charges them using a variety of methods, from mobile apps to biometrics. The store makes it easier for your customers to choose products and pay for them. It also gives you accurate, real-time data that you can use to keep track of product performance and supply.

Core Features

Increase in sales by 10% – 25%
Increased the store traffic by 10% - 20%
Decrease in labor costs by 5% - 15%
Reduced customers waiting time by 2500 hours in the store

Why choose DigitMart?

Why does DigitMart matter?

  • DigitMart is an autonomous store product with a complete solution that includes our proprietary product DigitShelves, Cameras, and a SaaS-based admin portal for inventory management that automatically tracks your store’s inventory. 
  • Give your customers a new shopping experience with Digit7’s autonomous store DigitMart. Shoppers tap shop and go without waiting in the checkout line or stopping to scan or pay. After shopping an accurate receipt will be sent in minutes.  It’s a game-changing shopping experience, that customers love, and happier customers buy more! 
  • A small convenience store can be opened even in the most remote areas. This store can provide provisions for remote working/living people. 

How exactly DigitMart works?

  • Complete autonomous transactions 
  • In order to enter your store the shopper can scan the QR code on the mobile app, pick the products they want, and then leave the store. The amount will be auto-debited from their registered form of payment, based on the products picked by the shopper. 

How to return the purchased products/items to the store?

Return feature is in the roadmap and yet to be supported. The details will be posted once the feature gets supported. 

Can a store support both traditional and autonomous method?

Yes, Digit7 supports customization based on the customer’s preferences. Customization can be provided either to support fully autonomous or partially autonomous and traditional methods. 

Can family and friends shop in single scan or how many can enter?

Yes, multiple related shoppers will be supported, up to a maximum of two people. 

How are you keeping the shopper’s information secure?

Data is encrypted and stored in a secure cloud.  

Who can use our stores?

All kinds of shoppers. Note: Pet animals are not allowed in the store for now. 

Will it work for new stores only or existing stores as well?

Digit7’s DigitMart can be deployed in both new and existing stores. 

Is your app on play store or app store?

Yes, our proprietary app is in Android for now, in future implementations iOS will be supported

Can you do it without cameras?

Cameras are required to track the movement of the shoppers and also to detect the product misplacement in the store. 

What is Autonomous technology?

An autonomous store enables customers to enter by scanning QR code, pick up their products, and simply walk out without the need to scan, queue, or check out. Computer vision AI technology is at the core of the proposition, to identify which products the customer has selected and charge them accordingly using a variety of methods from mobile apps through to biometrics. 

What if customer put back the item on the wrong shelf?

DigitShelves are built with AI/ML and Computer Vision that is intelligent enough to detect that the product was misplaced, and ensures that the customer will not be charged for the same.

What is your store size requirements and how much square footage can be supported by Digit Mart?

A minimum of 250 square feet to 1000 square feet are supported. 

Is DigitMart customizable? And how much does the entire Digit7 solution cost?

Based on customer request, DigitMart can be enhanced. Our pricing really depends on what you need. Feel free to reach out to us at contact@digit7.ai for assistance.

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