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Completely Autonomous Checkout

Achieve 3x Operational Efficiency with Smart in-store Autonomous Solutions that save time and cost.


AI-Driven Shopping Experience enabling Personalized, Quick, Streamlined Transactions in seconds.

Product monitoring with 360-degree store visibility and 24/7 accessibility.


AI-driven inventory refills and real-time autonomous checkouts are increasing sales by 60%.

Upgrade an existing store or incorporate it into a new design with minimal downtime and business disruptions.


Experience DigitMart Autonomous Smart Stores in Operation

Cut costs, boost profits, and elevate customer experience. You can see us here:

Scalable AI-Based solutions for seamless shopping experience.

Convenience Stores

Providing 24/7 Convenience And Around-The-Clock Accessibility.


Autonomous Transactions Nationwide.

Full & Select Service Hotels

Delivering Contactless Checkout for Your customers.

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About DigitMart

What is the primary goal of DigitMart stores?

DigitMart AI-powered autonomous smart store within a store aims to provide customers with a cashier-less shopping experience. Simultaneously, it optimizes store operations through advanced computer vision technology. 

Which industries or businesses stand to gain the most from using DigitMart?

DigitMart Autonomous Smart Store solution is versatile and offers advantages across diverse industries such as retail stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, and more. Any business aiming to elevate their shopping experience with AI can explore the benefits of DigitMart. 

Shopper Experience

Is it possible for shoppers to modify the contents of their cart by adding or removing items while they shop?

The virtual cart is automatically updated based on user actions such as adding products to the cart (Product Pick-up) or removing items (Product Placed-Back) within the store. 

Is there a limit to the number of shoppers allowed in the store at the same time?

Yes, there is a limit on the number of shoppers allowed in the store at the same time. This limit is adjustable based on the store’s dimensions and adherence to local regulations. DigitMart Autonomous Smart Store provides flexibility to tailor the capacity to accommodate varying group sizes of shoppers. 

Technical Support and Maintenance

Is there training offered for store staff to familiarize them with the operation of DigitMart Smart Stores?

DigitMart Autonomous Smart Store provides comprehensive training programs for store staff, ensuring proficiency in operating our platforms and assisting shoppers as needed. 

What happens if there is a technical issue during a shopper's session?

If shoppers encounter a technical issue, they can seek assistance from support. Simultaneously, the system is designed to minimize disruptions and promptly resolve any issues. 

Security and Privacy

How does DigitMart Smart Stores ensure and safeguard customer privacy?

DigitMart Autonomous Smart Store solution prioritize shopper privacy and adhere to data protection regulations. Shopper data is anonymized, and personal information is securely stored and protected. 

Is facial recognition used in DigitMart stores for shopper identification?

DigitMart Autonomous Smart Store does not use facial recognition for shopper identification. 

Future Developments

Are there any measures in place to prevent theft or unauthorized access?

DigitMart Autonomous Smart Stores are equipped with robust security measures, employing real-time monitoring, computer vision, and AI to deter theft and unauthorized access. 

Are there upcoming plans to introduce new features or enhancements to the DigitMart Smart Store solution?

DigitMart Autonomous Smart Store product, solution, or platform is dedicated to ongoing improvement and innovation. Future plans encompass the introduction of new features, expansion of product offerings, and the enhancement of the overall shopping experience. 

Does DigitMart Smart Store have plans to eventually incorporate support for returns and exchanges?

DigitMart Autonomous Smart Store is currently in the process of implementing a returns and exchanges feature to elevate shopper convenience. This anticipated feature is expected to be available soon. 

Payment and Billing

Which payment methods are supported at DigitMart Smart Stores?

Currently, DigitMart Smart Stores exclusively accept credit and debit cards. 

Inventory and Product Availability:

How does DigitMart Smart Stores update and manage product availability and stock information?

DigitMart Autonomous Smart Store utilizes real-time inventory tracking to ensure accurate and up-to-date product availability information. Any purchase made is immediately reflected in the system. 

Customer Feedback

How can shoppers reach out to DigitMart's customer support for assistance or inquiries?

DigitMart Autonomous Smart Store provides shoppers with the option to seek assistance or make inquiries through our customer support hotline and via emailed receipts.

Why DigitMart?

Increased Sales and Revenue 

Utilizing DigitMart Autonomous Smart Store accelerates transaction processing and minimizes waiting times for businesses. This results in increased sales and revenue. Customers value the quick and streamlined experience, contributing to higher sales and an enhanced store footprint. 

Smarter Inventory Insights  

DigitMart boosts inventory management by providing real-time insights. Our intelligent autonomous smart store employs advanced algorithms and predictive analytics to optimize stocks, cut costs, and prevent over/understocking.  

24/7 Operation 

DigitMart Smart Stores can operate around the clock, providing customers the flexibility to shop at any time. This means you can serve all your customers at their convenience and increase your revenue potential.  

Cost Savings 

DigitMart Autonomous Smart Stores also bring significant cost savings and operational efficiency. It eliminates the need for traditional checkout lines and manual processes so that retailers can optimize their staffing needs and reduce operational costs. 

What makes DigitMart Smart Stores unique?

Seamless Store Retrofitting Solutions 

DigitMart Autonomous Smart Store streamlines and cost-effectively facilitates the rapid automation of existing revenue spaces for retailers. There’s no need to change the store layout from scratch, ensuring minimal disruption to customers. Whether you want to retrofit your current store or integrate it into a newly built store, we offer versatile solutions tailored to your needs. 

Enhancing Customer Insights with Computer Vision Monitoring 

Our computer vision technology observes shoppers’ actions and product interactions during their shopping experience. This enables the analysis of anonymized data, generating valuable insights about shoppers’ product preferences. 

Extensive Security 

We consistently fortify our infrastructure and have top-notch security protocols and experts in place to maintain the utmost security for all critical company assets and information. 

Leveraging AI Matrix to Make Shopping Faster and Better 

We employ AI, ML, posture recognition, computer vision, edge computing, and IOT technology to enhance store automation right from entrance to exit. As a result, this eliminates the need for customers to wait in line, enabling them to purchase more products seamlessly. We are vendor agnostic solution and can integrate with all of your current IT tech stack.   


Seamless Contactless Shopping 

Customers can use digital wallets and credit cards to enter the store and grab what they need. This approach enhances customer retention through rapid, contactless payments and seamless scan, pay, and go experiences. 

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