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Inventory should be counted on a regular basis, we surveyed our customers and found that inventory counting was happening as often as every 2 weeks, to once a year. Inventory is both your primary source of revenue and one of your biggest costs as a retailer, and nothing costs more than product inventory that is just sitting on the shelf and not being sold.

Increase Inventory Accuracy.

Having an accurate, real-time overview of the stock that moves in and out of your business is a competitive advantage. By implementing Digit7’s DigitRobo drones in your warehouse you will be able to meet customer demand, and accurately count, replenish, and sell inventory.
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The Future of Inventory management is here.

DigitRobo is capable of mapping out an entire warehouse, navigating autonomously, increasing inventory visibility, and reducing inventory losses. Real-time alerts can be sent directly to your smartphone if products are misplaced or your stock is running low. You can reduce out-of-stock situations and lost sales opportunities by using these insights. DigiRobo locates and highlights products on the shelf in the store.

Core Features

Quick ROI​
Improved Warehouse Efficiency ​
Increased Inventory Accuracy​
Fully Autonomous​
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01. Warehouse & Retail
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02. Telecom
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03. Utilities
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04. Trains

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Why choose DigitRobo?

Why does DigitRobo matter?

  • DigitRobo supports the solution with the autonomous drones which can be scheduled to operate automatically in any kind of warehouses which have highly hazardous/dangerous environment, intensive and expensive labor cost, slow cycle counting process, highly erroneous inventory management data and missing of any stocks easily. 
  • DigitRobo solution can also be extended, using the outdoor drone, for the following domains: 
    • Detecting network signal strength.  
    • Gas pipeline leakage detection.  
    • Map Generation 
    • Goods delivery 
    • Farming 
    • Pick Product in Storage 
    • Rescue 

What technology DigitRobo uses?

  • ROS – Robotic Operating System, Software as a service availability.

Can you fly your drones inside or only with GPS guidance?

Both indoor and outdoor drones are supported. 

How much can DigitRobo carry?

  • Indoor drones can carry a payload of 500 – 600gm. 
  • Outdoor drones can carry a payload of 600gm – 1.5Kg

How long and how much high your drone fly?

  • Drone can fly maximum of 20 minutes.  
  • Flight height can be configured according to the indoor and outdoor requirement, also aligned with the State Government’s policies. 

How many cameras and which cameras are used for your drone?

  • Indoor drone – 1 camera for tracking and 1 camera for barcode scanning.  
  • Outdoor – 1 camera for tracking and based on the requirement from the customer, the payload can be adjusted.

Which sensors are used in DigitRobo?

  • LiDar for indoor drone nagivation. Camera for tracking and barcode scanning.  
  • Outdoor – Based on the customer’s requirement, the payload can be configured and managed. 

What makes DigitRobo unique from other drones in market? Why should I buy DigitRobo drone solution?

Effective customizable solution at reasonable cost. One place to buy both outdoor and indoor drone solutions along with drones. 

Can your drone can be charged on the go without outlets?

Yet to be supported. 

How can I operate DigitRobo autonomous smart drone?

  • Having done the installation of drones and the accessibility to the DigitRobo software in the required area, using DigitRobo software portal, the user can map the drone with the flying area and schedule time for it to fly automatically.  
  • Only in case of rare unwanted scenario, the admin can take the control of DigitRobo using Remote Controller (RC). 

Do I need permit or license to fly the drones?

  • For the outdoor drones, the permit/license is required from the Government to fly the same. 
  • For the indoor drones, mostly no license is required. And it depends upon the location and the State Government’s policies.  

How data is captured and where it is stored?

  • For indoor drone – Barcode details are captured using the cameras. This can be customized to send the data live or to store and to send the data when the drone completes its process.  
  • For outdoor drone – The drone can be customized with any kind of payload to capture the data which can be sent live or when the drone completes the process, based on the requirement.  

Is your drone avoid obstacles?

Yes, it comes with static and dynamic obstacles detection and avoidance intelligence. 

Is your drones fly in night light?

Yes, Indoor drone can fly in the night light

Will it automatically land or crashes on low battery?

Yes, when the drone reaches the threshold value, it will automatically land which can be customized to land on the intermediate docking station to recharge as well. 

Industries DigitRobo can be used?

  • Inventory Management 
  • Indoor and outdoor Farming 
  • Tower Mapping 
  • Map Generation 
  • Goods delivery 
  • Pick Product in Storage 
  • Rescue 

DigitRobo functionality, warranty, configuration, etc.?

  • DigitRobo functionality 
    • Having done the installation of drones and the accessibility to the DigitRobo software in the required area, using DigitRobo software portal, the user can add and map the drone with the flying area and schedule time for it to fly automatically.  
    • Once added, the drones can be managed by editing and deleting.  
  • The user can view the status of the drones: Flying/Idle/Getting charged in the docking station.  
  • The user can safe-land the drone from the portal itself.  
  • The user can view the report of total barcodes scanned with respect to the timeline. 
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