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Inventory should be counted on a regular basis, we surveyed our customers and found that inventory counting was happening as often as every 2 weeks, to once a year. Inventory is both your primary source of revenue and one of your biggest costs as a retailer, and nothing costs more than product inventory that is just sitting on the shelf and not being sold.

Increase Inventory Accuracy.

Having an accurate, real-time overview of the stock that moves in and out of your business is a competitive advantage. By implementing Digit7’s DigitRobo drones in your warehouse you will be able to meet customer demand, and accurately count, replenish, and sell inventory.
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The Future of Inventory management is here.

DigitRobo is capable of mapping out an entire warehouse, navigating autonomously, increasing inventory visibility, and reducing inventory losses. Real-time alerts can be sent directly to your smartphone if products are misplaced or your stock is running low. You can reduce out-of-stock situations and lost sales opportunities by using these insights. DigiRobo locates and highlights products on the shelf in the store.

Core Features

Quick ROI​
Improved Warehouse Efficiency ​
Increased Inventory Accuracy​
Fully Autonomous​
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Next Generation Solutions Across Industries


Why choose DigitRobo?

What is DigitRobo?

DigitRobo drone technology provides both indoor and outdoor drone solutions. Indoor solutions encompass Warehouse Operations, Inspections, Surveying, and more. Outdoor solutions include tasks like Detecting network signal strength, Gas pipeline leakage detection, Agriculture, and more.

Which technology does DigitRobo use?

We use ROS (Robotic Operating System) which is available as Software as a Service (SaaS). 

Can you fly DigitRobo indoors or only with GPS guidance?

Indoor drones employ localization and path planning, while outdoor drones rely on GPS for navigation. 

What is the carrying capacity of DigitRobo?

  • Indoor drones can carry a payload of 1.102 – 1.32 pounds. 
  • Outdoor drones can carry a payload of 1.32gm – 3.3pounds.  

What is the duration and altitude capability of DigitRobo's flight?

  • The maximum flight duration for indoor drones is 20 minutes. 
  • The maximum flight duration for outdoor drones is 45 minutes. 
  • Flight altitude can be adjusted to meet indoor or outdoor specifications and align with the policies of the State Government. 

Which cameras, and how many, are utilized for DigitRobo?

  • The indoor drone is equipped with one camera for tracking and another camera for barcode scanning. 
  • For outdoor, there is one camera for tracking, and the payload can be customized based on the customer’s needs. 

Which sensors are used in DigitRobo?

  • For indoor drone navigation, LiDAR is utilized, while tracking and barcode scanning are performed using cameras. 
  • For outdoors, the payload can be configured and managed according to the customer’s needs. 

What makes DigitRobo unique from other drones in the market? Why should I buy DigitRobo drone solution?

Our cost-effective all-inclusive and customizable drone solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

How can I operate DigitRobo Smart Drone?

  • Once the drones are installed and DigitRobo software is accessible in the designated area, users can use the software portal to map the drone to its flight area and set automatic flight schedules. 
  • Only in case of any unforeseen circumstances, the pilot takes control of drone using Remote Controller (RC). 

Do I need a permit or license to fly the drones?

The permit or license required for indoor and outdoor drones varies based on the location and government policies in place. 

How is data captured by DigitRobo and where is it stored?

  • For indoor drones – Barcode information is captured by the cameras and can be configured to either transmit data in real-time or store it for transmission once the drone finishes its operation. 
  • For outdoor drone – The drone can be tailored with various payloads to capture data, with the flexibility to transmit it either in real-time or upon completion of the drone’s task, as per specific requirements.

Does DigitRobo drone solution avoid obstacles?

Yes, DigitRobo is equipped with dynamic obstacle detection and avoidance capabilities. 

Can DigitRobo operate in low-light conditions or during the night?

Yes, indoor drones are capable of flying in low-light conditions and during the night. 

Does it have an automatic landing feature, or does it crash when the battery is low?

The drone will autonomously initiate landing when its battery level is low. 

What is the functionality, warranty and configuration of DigitRobo?

DigitRobo functionality 

  • Data Collection Phase – Collect real time data using drones (depending on the industry use case). 
  • Data Processing – Decode drone-collected data, process it, and synchronize it with the portal. 
  • Reporting – The collected data will undergo synchronization with a third-party system and be presented in the form of dashboards and static reports. 

Why DigitRobo?

Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs 

DigitRobo drone technology is cost effective for businesses as they can significantly reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. With drones, businesses can automate tasks such as inventory management, surveillance, and delivery, eliminating the need for manual labor and reducing human error  

Elevating Security And Surveillance 

DigitRobo Smart Drones offer security and surveillance capabilities with high-resolution cameras and thermal imaging technology, allowing large area monitoring.  

Gaining Real-time Insights 

DigitRobo powered by computer vision scanning can quickly and efficiently gather data in real-time, providing valuable insights for diverse industries.   

Warehouse Management with Automation 

It aids work efficiency and productivity in warehouse management by automating tasks such as inventory management and order fulfillment. It can quickly and accurately scan and track inventory, reducing the time and effort required for manual counting. 

Improved Inventory Accuracy 

DigitRobo supply chain management improves accuracy in inventory management by utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms. These algorithms analyze historical data, identify patterns, and make predictions about future inventory needs. This helps businesses optimize their stock levels, reduce wastage, and avoid stockouts or overstocking situations. 

What makes DigitRobo unique?

Elevating Efficiency with ROS and SaaS Integration 

DigitRobo uses ROS – Robotic Operating System, Software as a service availability to provide a comprehensive and efficient drone solution. With ROS, DigitRobo can seamlessly integrate with various hardware components and sensors, offering valuable insights and control capabilities. Additionally, being a Software as a Service (SaaS), it also offers remote access. 

Smart Indoor and Outdoor Navigation 

DigitRobo indoor drones employ localization and Path Planning, while outdoor drones use GPS for navigation tasks. For indoors, the sensors and algorithms guide them through confined spaces, ensuring obstacle avoidance and efficiency. For outdoors, our GPS technology enables precise navigation over vast distances, even in challenging environments. 

Versatile Payload Capacities 

DigitRobo indoor drones can carry a payload of 1.10-1.32 pounds and outdoor drones can carry a payload of 1.32 – 3.30 pounds.  The payload capacity of DigitRobo drones makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to transport small packages or capture stunning aerial footage, these drones have you covered.  

Flight Time Flexibility 

The flight time of DigitRobo’s indoor drones is limited to a maximum of 20 minutes, making it suitable for shorter missions or indoor exploration. On the other hand, outdoor drones offer an extended flight time of up to 45 minutes, allowing for longer and more extensive outdoor operations.   

How Can DigitSquare Maximize Your ROI and Decrease Your Costs?

Simplifying Drone Operations and Monitoring 

After installing drones and accessing DigitRobo software, users can map flight areas and schedule automated flights through the portal. The software also offers real-time monitoring and data analysis for making informed decisions. 

Dynamic Inventory Management Capabilities 

DigitRobo offers a versatile set of capabilities. It can schedule inventory audits, perform multiple flights each day to locate inventory, accurately count boxes and packages, scan barcodes for identification, and even pinpoint unidentified items. 


Maximizing Cubic Utilization and Automated WMS Updates 

Improveyour warehouse operations by optimizing cubic utilization. Take a closer look to identify any empty slots, ensuring you make the most of your storage space. With automated updates to your Warehouse Management System (WMS), you can maximize space usage and organization throughout your supply chain processes. 

Streamlined Data Collection from Data Capture to Reporting 

DigitRobo streamlines data collection using specialized drones. Collected data is processed and synchronized with the portal, integrated with third-party systems, and transformed into informative dashboards and reports for your convenience. 

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