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The IoT Shelves of the Future.

Over the past few years, the retail industry has transformed radically, gaining new insights on customer psychology and how to enhance their experiences by offering innovative ways to shop. Display products using DigitShelves' powered by Digit7 that has built-in intelligence to track product movement, update inventory, and communicate with your  inventory management system.
Brands experience up to  22% loss of weekly sales every day a SKU is out-of-stock.

Navigating the New World of Retail.

DigitShelves powered by Digit7 are connected by IoT sensors and send real-time information from every aisle and endcap where the shelves are installed. By connecting different physical objects, sensors, and electronic devices, information and data can be shared automatically.

Get real-time alerts when each item on the shelf or in inventory reaches its minimum number, so you can order more ahead of time and avoid losing revenue.

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Insights to action, the path to extraordinary value starts here.

With Digit7’s DigitalShelves, you can augment sales, by letting you quickly enable dynamic pricing for your products. Now commodities like seasonal products can be priced closer to real-market values or singled out for flash deals. Special promotions, can be easily created and launched with the Digit7’s DigitalShelves system.

Core Features

Real-time Inventory ​Updates​
Intelligent Monitoring ​to avoid out of stock​
Increase in Sales by On-Shelf Availability​
Optimized Store Performance​/ Insights

Why choose DigitShelves?

Why does DigitShelves matter?

Easy Inventory management that shows in real time your inventory and can be configured to send out alerts on low stock quantity, and allows the Admin to customize the dashboard in the Admin portal to gain insights on Inventory Management. 

Are we saving the customer – time? Money? People resources?

  • Yes – For the customer who is setting up the store with the DigitMart system in their store they will receive the following: 
  • DigitShelves: Digit7’s proprietary Inventory shelving system automatically manages inventory based on the products that are either added or taken off the shelves.  
  • DigitMart eliminates long lines, which will decrease customer abandonment of products in a unique and secure manner. 
  • Analyzing the purchase behavior of your customers in real-time 
  • With the decrease in customers waiting in lines, your store traffic will increase, and as their transaction time decreases it will also increase your revenue. Allowing you to have your store running at maximum capacity.

How are you keeping the customer’s data secure? Especially Hackers? Can they go in and change things on the shelves?

Not any one can easily hack the shelves. Highly secured. 

How inventory is tracked / How Digitshelves send me low inventory notification?

  • Each Digitshelves are mapped with products, based on the weight, and are linked with the software inventory management. 
  • DigitShelves are itself capable of calculating the total quantity of items available on it and send the appropriate metrics count to the inventory management software. 
  • Whenever the products go out of stock or below threshold quantity, the alert can be configured to notify the store admins. This feature is planned for future implementation. 

How and where metrics captured and stored with your smart shelves?

  • DigitMart admin portal should have all the Digitshelves mapped in it.  
  • Shelves are mapped based on the product name, product unit weight and its type (carton box/bottle/etc).

Do I still need RFID tags or paper labels?

Inventory management RFID/paper labels not required.

Can I place smart shelves in freezer or wet area?

Yes, can be on freezer but not on wet area. 

How DigitShelves works?

It will automatically calculate the weights, number of products available on it.

Are DigitShelves are easily installable or not?

Yes, plug and play shelves. 

What are benefits of DigitShelves/Smart shelving?

  • Easy Inventory management for knowing the stocks quantity, restocking etc.  
  • Saves time, resources and money. 

DigitShelves work on power cable or batteries? If battery how long it will last?

Both. For battery, the lifetime has to be validated against the real time scenario.

Which products work with DigitShelves? How many products can placed on single shelf?

  • Shelves come with the weight limit (max 10kg).  
  • According to the products we are going to place, the shelves will change.  
  • Currently only the standard size shelves are used. 
  • Only same product items should be kept on each shelf, which has the maximum weight limitation (10 kg). 
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