Smart Shelves for Inventory Tracking
Revolutionize your store operations with Digit7’s cutting-edge DigitShelves technology, designed to streamline inventory management and enhance customer experience.

Here’s how our smart shelf system can transform your retail experience.

IoT Real-Time Inventory Management

Our intelligent shelves use weight sensors to continuously measure item weight, allowing for precise detection of item removal and addition. When a customer picks up or puts back an item, the change is recorded and our system provides real time inventory information, ensuring shelves are always filled and staff are alerted when restocking is needed.

AI-Powered Security

Integrated sensors detect theft or misplaced items, helping to eliminate shrinkage and enhance security within the store. By continuously monitoring item weight and movements, our system quickly identifies suspicious activities and alerts staff to potential issues, ensuring a safer shopping environment.

Operational Efficiency

By reducing manual inventory checks and streamlining the restocking process, smart shelves save time and labor costs, boosting overall store efficiency. The automated tracking of stock levels and real-time alerts allow staff to focus on more critical tasks, improving the overall operational workflow and productivity.

Vendor Management

Live alerts are sent to store in-charge and vendors that automatically prompt the system to reorder or replenish items when certain items on the shelves reach a minimum stock level or a specific reorder point. Auto-renewing stock quantity helps businesses maintain optimal stock levels, reduce stockouts, ensure continuity in supply chain operations, and meet customer demand efficiently.

DigitShelves models -
For accurate inventory tracking

Weight-sensor Shelves

Our shelves are equipped with weight sensors and IoT technologies that monitor item weight and movement.

This real-time data allows retailers to maintain optimal stock levels, minimizing both overstock and out-of-stock scenarios.

Organized & Accessible Displays

The spring-loaded pusher mechanism keeps items organized, front-facing, and easily accessible.

This not only improves the overall look of your shelves but also enhances the shopping experience for your customers.

Intelligent Tracking

Precise weight sensors ensure accurate on-shelf inventory tracking.

Real-time Monitoring

Provides real-time updates on product availability and shelf status through a user-friendly dashboard.


Customize the shelves to suit customers' convenience and modify the shelf segmentation based on product movement.

Easy to Integrate

Seamlessly integrates with existing store setup, inventory management and ERP systems.

Auto Replenishment

Automatically reorder items to maintain optimal stock levels.

Shrinkage and theft alert

Integrated sensors detect changes in weight, effectively reducing shrinkage and alerting staff to potential theft.

Vendor Management

Real-time alerts are sent to store in-charge and vendors for seamless restocking.

Easily Accessible

The pusher mechanism keeps items organized and easily reachable.

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How it works?

Low Stock item Picked

Stock Alert Triggered

Alert Sent to Store In-charge & Vendor

Vendor Received PO

Order Processed

Order Dispatched

Shelves Restocked

Transform your on-shelf inventory with DigitShelves

Does more than displaying items