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Accelerate your AI model development with our integrated AI data infrastructure platform and specialized annotation services.

Data Studio: Annotation Redefined

Our annotation software empowers you to create precise training data across diverse data types. Packed with advanced tools and automation capabilities, data annotation has never been this efficient.
LLM Editor: Refine your models with unparalleled training data.

Image, Video, Text, and Audio Editors: Comprehensive tools for diverse data types. Instant Feedback Loop: Immediate insights for continuous improvement.


Annotation Services:
Global Expertise at Your Fingertips

Connect with Digit7’s annotation team. From medical specialists to linguists, our experts ensure top-notch training data quality.

Project Management:
Oversee with Precision

Monitor team and project metrics with our advanced analytics and management systems. Ensure consistent quality with our multi-level QA system.

AI Data Management Perfected

Boost your model's performance by refining dataset quality. Our platform offers

Query and Debugging Tools:
Filter and find the most relevant data.

Data Insights and Versioning:
Keep track of your data's evolution.

Project Management:
Oversee with Precision

Monitor team and project metrics with our advanced analytics and management systems. Ensure consistent quality with our multi-level QA system.
Security: Non-Negotiable 

We prioritize your data's security. Our platform is compliant with:

  • SOC 2 | TYPE 2
  • GDPR
  • ISO 27001
Data Integrations: 
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP
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01. Autonomous Vehicles
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02. Agriculture
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03. Security & Surveillance
Industries 3
04. Manufacturing
Industries 1
05. Insurance
Industries 2
06. Medical Imaging
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07. Sports
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08. Retail Automation

Why choose DigitSquare?

What is DigitSquare?

Digit Square is a SaaS-based platform designed for annotation, training, and automating the computer vision pipeline with extensive datasets. 

Why DigitSquare?

Improved Machine Learning Model Accuracy 

DigitSquare data annotation ensures precise data labeling, reducing errors and biases during training. It also fosters diverse learning examples, improving real-world predictive accuracy. 

Better Data Understanding 

DigitSquare AI assisted image labeling aids in grasping data context, spotting patterns, and boosting ML model accuracy through labeled examples, enabling valuable insights and informed decisions. 

Boosting Productivity 

Its data annotation platform automates processes like image, language and video recognition, saving time tremendously. It also trains machine learning models for accurate predictions, enhancing productivity across industries. 

Accelerate Collaboration 

DigitSquare data annotation tool scales up ML models by distributing tasks among annotators, reducing labeling time. It also improves performance and generalization with diverse datasets. 

What services does DigitSquare offer?

DigitSquare AI image annotation tool provides image and video annotation services. 

Why is training data important for machine learning models?

Training data plays a vital role in training precise and dependable machine learning models, guaranteeing their ability to generalize effectively in real-world scenarios. 

What is Annotation/labeling?

Annotation is the process of labeling data to enable machine recognition of objects. 

What types of labeling does DigitSquare support?

DigitSquare supports Rectangle, Polygon, Point, and Line annotation types.

Which industries does DigitSquare cater to?

Each industry has unique requirements and challenges that can be addressed through image/video processing. For example, in Agriculture, this technology can help monitor crop health and detect diseases. In the Retail sector, it can be used for inventory management and customer behavior analysis. Similarly, in the Automotive industry, image/video processing can assist in autonomous driving systems and driver monitoring. The possibilities are vast and diverse across different sectors

Is DigitSquare a free tool?

DigitSquare provides a 14-day free trial license for assessment, which can be upgraded to a licensed version after the trial period ends. 

Does DigitSquare need installation, or can it be accessed through a browser?

You can access it using the Web Browser. 

Does DigitSquare use only bounding box representations?

No, DigitSquare also supports Polygon annotation.

What is the subscription cost for DigitSquare?

DigitSquare provides various pricing tiers that depend on volume and the quantity of annotations needed. For more details, please get in touch with our Sales team. 

Is coding necessary, or can anyone access DigitSquare?

No coding is required; this tool is tailored for ML Engineers and designed to be accessible to them.

How is my data handled on DigitSquare?

DigitSquare adheres to GDPR regulations.

What level of security and data privacy does DigitSquare offer?

DigitSquare ensures data security through encryption and the implementation of extensive security measures. 

How is it used to build AI models?

There are two options: 

Option 1 – Using annotated data sets, generate training models. 

Option 2 – Using unannotated data sets, auto label to annotate and generate models. 

Models generated using globally available standard formats. (Pytorch, TensorFlow, ONNX etc.). 

What is synthetic data? What are the advantages and types of synthetic data?

  • Synthetic Image generation is the creation of artificially generated images that look as realistic as real images.  
  • ML Engineers often require highly quantitative accuracy, and diverse datasets to train and build accurate ML models.  
  • Synthetic data helps in reducing the costs of data collection and data labelling.  
  • In addition to lowering costs, synthetic raw data helps address privacy issues associated with sensitive real-world data. 
  • Types of Synthetic Data: 
    • Text data: Synthetic data can be artificially generated text in natural language processing (NLP) applications. 
    • Tabular data: Tabular synthetic data refers to artificially generated data like real-life data logs or tables useful for classification or regression tasks. 
    • Media: Synthetic data can also be synthetic video, image, or sound used in computer vision applications. 

What makes DigitSquare unique?

Precision Image and Video Annotation 

DigitSquare AI image annotation platform is highly flexible, allowing users to customize it for diverse projects by defining their own annotation categories, labels, and attributes. 

Specialized Data Labeling 

DigitSquare provides Rectangle, Polygon, Point, and Line labeling services with advanced technology, ensuring accurate and efficient labeling of large datasets for high-quality results. 

Auto-Labelling Datasets 

DigitSquare provides annotated data for training models and utilizes unannotated data for auto-labeling, speeding up ML model training with automatic labeling in seconds. 

Enhancing Efficiency with 90% Auto-Labelling 

DigitSquare has a 90% auto-labelling rate, requiring only 10% manual intervention. This boosts efficiency, streamlining data processing, and minimizing errors for maximum productivity. 

Collaborative Workflow Management 

DigitSquare ensures team collaboration and streamlined workflow management for annotating large datasets. Multiple team members can work simultaneously on various tasks, enhancing project completion speed. 

How Can DigitSquare Maximize Your ROI?

Customizable Data Annotation 

DigitSquare AI image annotation platform is highly flexible and can be customized to meet specific needs of different projects. It allows users to define their own annotation categories, labels, and attributes, making it suitable for a wide range of data annotation tasks.  

Cost-Efficient Data Labeling 

DigitSquare dataset management tool provides cost savings in the process of labeling and categorizing large volumes of data. This fast and accurate image annotation automates the task, allowing faster turnaround times, enabling businesses to quickly analyze and extract valuable insights from their datasets.   

Scaling ML Models with Effective Data Annotation 

It scales machine learning models for larger datasets and complex tasks. It labels data, aiding in pattern recognition and accurate predictions, enabling models to generalize and label unseen data. 

Ensures Data Security and Privacy 

Your data is secure in an encrypted manner to protect you. We continuously monitor and update our security protocols to ensure the highest level of data protection. Additionally, we employ industry-standard encryption algorithms to safeguard your information from unauthorized access. 

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