Listed below are some of the most common technical terms, definitions, and blog posts you’ll encounter


Artificial IntelligenceArtificial intelligence simulates human intelligence processes by machines, specifically by computers. A few examples of AI applications are expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision.

AWSThe Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform offers over 200 fully featured services from data centers around the world, making it the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform. Whether you are hosting an existing application or a new SaaS-based application on AWS, application providers, ISVs, and vendors can host your applications quickly and securely.

Augmented Reality In augmented reality (AR), digital information is integrated with the user’s environment in real time. Unlike virtual reality (VR), where a completely artificial environment is created, AR users experience a real-world environment overlaid with generated perceptual information.

Auto Annotation Automated image annotation refers to the assignment of metadata in the form of captions or keywords by a computer system. Image retrieval systems use computer vision techniques to organize and locate images of interest in a database.

APIAPI stands for application programming interface—a set of definitions and protocols to build and integrate application software.

AuthenticationAn act of proving or demonstrating something’s truth, genuineness, or validity.

Automated RetailThe concept of automated retail is a type of self-service kiosk that enables customers to interact with a retail store through a software-based platform. This eliminates the need for a traditional retail store’s traditional staff.

Autonomous VehiclesAn autonomous car is a vehicle that’s capable of sensing its surroundings and operating without a human being involved. This type of car is not required to take over the driving duties of a human passenger.

Autonomous CheckoutAutonomous checkout is also called as grab and go, cashierless, queueless checkout. In simple way here the stores check the products during the shopping and charge them while you walk out i.e., instantaneous billing and checkout. Simple Scan to enter, shop, exit

AI ModelsAn artificial intelligence model is a piece of software that has been trained on a set of data to perform specific tasks, such as recognizing patterns.


BlockchainBlockchains facilitate the recording of transactions and tracking assets in business networks by providing a shared, immutable ledger. There are tangible (a house, car, cash, land) and intangible assets (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, branding).

Big DataBig data is defined as data that is more diverse, arrives in greater volumes, and arrives more rapidly. The three Vs are simply larger, more complex data sets, especially from new sources.

Brick and Mortar Stores A brick and mortar store is a type of retail establishment that showcases the products of its owner. It allows customers to browse the store’s various offerings and talk to its sales representatives.

Barcode ScannerA barcode scanner is a type of optical scanner that can read and interpret printed barcodes. It can then send the data to a computer.


Computer VisionA field of artificial intelligence (AI) known as computer vision makes use of digital images, videos, and other visual inputs to extract meaningful information and then take action or make recommendations.

Cloud ComputingOn simple words cloud computing refers to the provision of computing services over the Internet (“the cloud”), including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence.

Convenience StoresThe term convenience store is used to describe a store that offers a variety of goods such as coffee, groceries, snack foods, confectionery, soft drinks, ice creams, tobacco products, lottery tickets, over-the-counter drugs, toiletries, newspapers, and magazines.

Cashier-less Checkout Cashier-less stores allow customers to shop their products and leave without waiting in line or paying at checkout. Also called a checkout-free store or just a walk out store

Cyber AttacksA cyberattack that targets an enterprise’s use of cyberspace for disrupting, disabling, destroying, or maliciously controlling a computing environment/infrastructure; or destroying data integrity or stealing controlled information.

Contactless PaymentsContactless payment happens through a chip that’s embedded in various forms of payment equipment, such as cards, tags, and mobile phones, users can make payments using a secure and convenient method. The chip interacts with a reader device that uses either Near Field Communication or Radio Frequency.

ChatbotsA chatbot is a type of software program or computer program that simulates a human conversation. It can be used in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business environments. In both B2C and B2B environments, people tend to use chatbot virtual assistants to perform simple tasks.

Collision Avoidance Collision avoidance systems help drivers avoid collisions and reduce the risk of accidents by warning, alerting, or assisting them. Radar, lasers, cameras, GPS, and artificial intelligence are all used in collision avoidance systems.


DatabaseA database is a collection of data that is stored in electronic form. It can be accessed and controlled by a computer system’s database management system. This type of system controls the various activities related to the data.

DronesA drone is a type of unmanned aircraft system that can be used to perform various tasks such as aerial photography and mapping. It can be flown autonomously or remotely controlled using its onboard sensors and GPS. These systems are usually embedded in software that allows the drone to fly autonomously.

DigitMartThe concept of DigitMart is a self-driving store model that eliminates the need for cashiers. It’s designed to reduce the friction in the shopping experience by using sensors and artificial intelligence. This type of store is considered to be the future of retail as it uses advanced technology.

DigitRobo DigitRobo is a smart drone that is designed to perform warehouse management tasks in a GPS-free environment.

DigitSquareAn AI-powered automatic image annotation platform for quickly labeling or captioning digital images.

Digital TransformationThe concept of digital transformation refers to the process of transforming a company’s operations and delivering value to its customers. It involves the integration of various digital technologies into an organization’s core business.

Data AnnotationAnalyzing and labeling training data for AI applications is a process known as data annotation. It involves classifying and labeling the data for specific use cases. With the help of human-powered data annotations, companies can improve the efficiency of their AI implementations.

Digital InnovationDigital innovation is a process that involves implementing new technology to improve the efficiency of a business. It involves developing new business models and improving the customer experience. Some of the key areas of this practice include the development of wearable devices, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.

Disruptive TechnologyDisruption is a type of technological innovation that disrupts an established industry and creates a new one. Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen coined the term.

DigitShelvesThe DigitShelves are built on the Internet of Things (IoT) platform and are designed to provide a convenient and effective way to display and manage products. They can also be used to monitor and update inventory, and communicate with the system through live reports.

Data ScienceData science is a field of study that focuses on analyzing and extracting valuable information from data. This discipline can be used to make strategic decisions and improve the efficiency of various business processes.

Data ManagementThe process of data management involves collecting, storing, and using data efficiently and effectively. It aims to help organizations and connected things make informed decisions by optimizing the use of data within the regulations and policies of the organization.

Docking Station A docking station is a type of stand or converter that allows a device to be charged or connected to peripherals. It can also function as a stand for a tablet or other mobile device.

Deep Learning Deep learning is a type of artificial intelligence that’s commonly used in the study of various subjects. It mimics the way humans learn. This is an important part of data science, as it can be used to develop predictive models and statistics.

Digital WalletA digital wallet is a type of electronic device that enables one to perform various transactions online. It can be used to exchange digital currency units with another party.

Defect DetectionA defect detection system is a type of automated system that can be used to improve the quality of a product by analyzing its various components.

Drone TechnologyDrones are flying robots that can be remotely controlled or fly autonomously using software-controlled flight plans integrated into their embedded systems and working in conjunction with GPS and onboard sensors.

Drone ScanGlideRobo provides a robotic solution to scan the QR code of products in warehouse which includes at non gps areas as well.

DatasetsComputers can manipulate separate sets of information as a unit, even though they are composed of different elements.

Deep Neural NetworkingDeep learning uses artificial neural networks to perform sophisticated computations on large amounts of data. It is a type of machine learning that works based on the structure and function of the human brain. Deep learning algorithms train machines by learning from examples.


Edge Computing Edge computing is a new type of computing paradigm that focuses on processing data closer to where it’s being generated. It enables faster and more accurate results by allowing users to take advantage of the data they’re consuming.

Encryption An encryption method is a process that involves scrambling the data so that only authorized individuals can access it. This type of process is commonly referred to as ciphertext.


Facial Recognition A facial recognition system is a type of technology that can be used to identify people using a digital image or video frame. It can then measure and identify the facial features of the person it’s trying to identify.

Frictionless Shopping Frictionless shopping is a process that enables consumers to instantly find and purchase products and services that they need. This is done through a comparison process that allows them to shop for goods and services in real time.


GPS Void Navigation A GPS void system is a type of navigation system that functions in an environment without GPS signals. This can be used by drones or autonomous vehicles.

Grab and Go The term grab and go refers to an activity or something that’s ready to be taken immediately when you don’t have much time.


HeatmapsA heat map is a type of representation of complex or simple information that can be used in various areas such as marketing and defense. Heat maps can help users visualize complex data.


Image Annotation An image annotation is a process that involves identifying objects in an image using human input. It can be done in various ways, such as by using computer-assisted help. Usually, labels are written by a machine learning engineer, who then chooses the appropriate information for the computer vision model.

Image SegmentationIn digital image processing, segmentation is a process that involves identifying various parts of an image. This method is usually performed by analyzing the characteristics of the image.

Indoor Navigation The concept of indoor navigation is a type of system that allows people to navigate through complex buildings and complex environments. It can be used on a smart device to display its own location.

Innovation An innovation process is a process that involves bringing a product or service up to date by developing new techniques and procedures. It can also be done through the establishment of new ideas.

Intelligent Automation The concept of intelligent automation refers to integrating robotics with components from different emerging technologies. Various organizational functions, such as finance, tax, human resources, and IT, as well as supply chain and regulatory compliance, are being transformed by robotics.

Inventory AuditBrands use retail audits to measure and monitor their retail success by analyzing how customers interact with their products in-store. A retail audit can help your brand identify how easy it is for customers to find your products, how helpful store employees are, and how much stock is available.

Inventory Management The process of managing a company’s inventory is often referred to as inventory management. This involves the use and storage of raw materials, as well as the warehousing and processing of finished products.

IoT The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects that are connected to the internet and can exchange data with other systems and devices. These include various household appliances and industrial tools.


LiDAR Light detection and ranging, or Lidar, is a type of laser imaging that involves the use of both light and laser scanning. This technology is sometimes referred to as 3-D laser scanning.


Machine Learning Machine learning is a branch of computer science and artificial intelligence that focuses on the development of systems that imitate the way humans learn.

ML-Ops Technology In Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), processes, emerging best practices, and underlying technologies are combined to automate and scale the deployment and management of trusted machine learning applications in production environments. It is a combination of processes, emerging best practices, and underlying technologies.


Natural Language Processing Computers and human language interact through natural language processing (NLP). It’s a technology that many use regularly and has been around for years. for example people use it regularly such as Spell check. Autocomplete.


Object Detection A computer technology that focuses on image processing and object detection is called object detection. It can be used to identify semantic objects in digital images and videos.

Object Tracking An object tracking system is a type of deep learning process that’s used to estimate and predict the movement of objects in a video. This process is performed by analyzing the data collected by the camera.


Polygon Annotation Polygon annotation is a simple and accurate way to annotate objects by selecting a series of coordinates along the edges. This feature allows you to achieve pixel-perfect precision while being flexible and adaptable to different shapes.


Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi refers to a single-board computer that’s made by the UK charity Raspberry Pi Foundation. Its goal is to make it easier for people to learn about computing.

Retail The process of selling goods or services directly to the end users or consumers. wholesailing to end consumers.

Retail Innovation Retail innovation is a process that involves bringing a product or service up to date by developing new techniques and procedures that are ideal for their customers.

RFID Tags RFID tags is a type of tracking that can be used to identify and track an item or person using its radio frequency. These smart labels can store various data points.

Robotics The field of robotics is an engineering branch that involves the design, development, and manufacturing of robots. Their goal is to develop intelligent machines that can perform various tasks and assist humans.


Seamless Checkout A seamless checkout is a process that involves seamlessly integrating a payment page into an organization’s flow. It can help boost the efficiency of an organization’s operations.

Segmentation A segmentation technique is an image annotation method that can be used to classify, segment, and detect objects in a single class. It can be used to differentiate between different types of objects.

Self Driving Cars An autonomous car is a vehicle that’s capable of sensing its surroundings and operating without a human being involved. This type of car is not required to take over the driving duties of a human passenger.

Self-checkout A self-checkout system is a type of retail establishment that allows customers to pay for their purchases without a cashier.

Semantic Segmentation In semantic segmentation, or image segmentation, parts of an image that belong to the same class are grouped together. Each pixel in an image is classified according to a category, so it is a form of pixel-level prediction.

Smart Drones A smart drone is an unmanned aircraft that can perform complex tasks by using intelligent applications. It can be operated by a radio remote control. This type of drone is mainly used to carry out aerial tasks.

Smart Shelves A smart shelf is an electronic device that can be used to monitor the inventory of a retail establishment. It uses a combination of sensors and RFID tags to keep track of the products in the store.

Supply Chain ManagementSupply chain management (SCM) is an approach to optimizing the creation and flow of a product, from raw material sourcing to production, logistics, and delivery.


Video AnnotationUnlike image annotation, video annotation involves labeling or tagging objects on a frame-by-frame basis. This is done to make them recognizable for machine learning models that can then be used to detect the presence of certain object within the video footage.

Virtual Reality A virtual reality experience is a type of simulated experience that can be viewed and operated in a completely different way from the real world. It can be used in various applications such as education and business.


Warehouse Management Warehouse management systems are designed to help organizations efficiently run their operations. These systems are used to organize the work of a distribution center or warehouse.

Weight Sensors A weight sensor is a type of electronic device that converts the mechanical force of an input, such as pressure or load, into a digital output signal. This type of sensor can be used to measure various physical factors.