Leveraging the Power of the AI-Matrix to Create Smart Revenue Spaces.

Digit7's Suite of Products

Our Mission: Grow Your Business with AI. Digit7 is committed to using the power of AI to amplify your revenue. By leveraging AI-driven data analytics, we offer transformative insights that enhance customer loyalty and fuel growth through the AI-Matrix. Join us in redefining business success.
AI-Powered Autonomous Checkout

AI-Powered Autonomous Smart Store that enables your customers to tap, grab and go. DigitMart is the Always-Open Smart Store. Elevate your revenue space with Digit7’s AI, by offering our customers shopping day or night. Effortlessly retro-fitted into your existing revenue space setup or as part of your new build. Your customers can just tap their credit card to enter the smart store, grab what they want off your shelves, and go — it’s retail made autonomous.

Content and Language Annotation Solution

A SaaS based data annotation tool that reduces the need to manually label data sets by 80% quickly, accurately and automates bulk data labeling projects.

Touchless Self-Checkout Solution

No Barcodes Required. DigitKart is barcode free checkout solution that lets your customers grab 10+ items, place them in the tray, tap their credit card and go. Freeing up your associates to focus on revenue generating activities and not manual inventory management.

Drone Inventory Management

Advanced drone inventory management for real-time tracking, predictive maintenance and improved visibility.

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  • DigitMart
  • DigitKart
  • DigitSquare
Calculate your potential ROI with DigitMart
20% - 60%

DigitMart powered stores increase their sales per square foot by 20% - 60%


DigitMart powered stores have saved customers over 160,000 hours of standing in line

10% - 30%

DigitMart powered stores decrease their labor costs by as much as 30%

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Impacts On Sales DigitMart
35% - 70%

DigitKart powered stores increase their sales per square foot by 35% - 70%


DigitKart powered stores have saved customers over 192,000 hours of standing in line


Increase in +3 Transactions per min

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Impacts On Sales DigitMart
  • Real-time, accurate inventory management.
  • Track on-shelf sales and provide insights.
  • Sales Increment by improving on-shelf availability.
  • Optimized store performance and enhanced customer service.
  • Economical Cost-Benefit Model.
Calculate your potential ROI with DigitMart
20% - 60%

DigitSquare powered stores increase their sales per square foot by 20% - 60%


DigitSquare powered stores have saved customers over 160,000 hours of standing in line

10% - 30%

DigitSquare powered stores decrease their labor costs by as much as 30%

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Digit7’s Product Suite includes an autonomous smart store within a store, a cashierless self checkout solution, and an data annotation tool.

Interested in boosting your revenue and decreasing your costs with AI? Let’s make it real.

Your Store. Supercharged.

Imagine this: A store that thinks for itself. From an autonomous section that requires no staff, to lightning-fast self-checkouts that require no barcodes. Just Scan, pay and Go. Interested in numbers? Stores using our tech see a 25% jump in sales. Want to see how?
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Our Mission: Real and Tangible Results with AI.

We're all about the bottom line. Use Digit7’s AI-powered product suite to ramp up revenue, cut back on unsold stock, and make customers happier than ever. In fact, our partners report a 35% decrease in product waste. Sound good?
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Smart Analytics for Smart Retail and Revenue Spaces.

Queue? What's that? Speed up transactions and watch sales soar. Keep shelves stocked with what sells, and ditch what doesn't. Retailers using our analytics see up to 30% faster inventory turnover. Ready to change the game?
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Seamless Integrations.

DigitMart and DigitKart. They pack a punch with 360° AI insights and fit snugly into your existing space. Plus, they play nice with big names like Cloudbeds, and eZee Technologies, and the Gilbarco Veeder-Roots product line. Best part? While others need up to 20 cameras for 200 sq ft, our DigitMart platform does it with just 4. Cost-effective and efficient.
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Step Into Tomorrow with Digit7

We dream big. A future where AI makes every corner of a revenue space smarter, better, and more profitable. Want to see the future?
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At Digit7, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our Partner Program provides powerful financial sales incentives and an enablement program that accelerates growth and rewards success. Join us in our journey to transform the future of retail.


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