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Digit7's Suite of Products

Focusing on the Hospitality Industry.

Only Hospitality specialized frictionless check-out solutions on the market.
AI-powered self-checkout for Marketplaces, Pantries & other Lobby retail outlets.

  • Enhances guest experiences.
  • Increases ancillary revenue.
  • Reduces time spent waiting in line.

Transforming revenue spaces in hotels, restaurants, and venues.

  • Personalization.
  • Data-driven insights.
  • Competitive edge.

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      Insights to Actions

      How Digit7 Leverages AI in the Hospitality Industry:

      Computer Vision:

      Identifies packaged F&B items using cameras and sensors.
      D7 ML

      Machine Learning:

      Recognizes F&B items and updates the virtual cart.

      Seamless Experience:

      Customers place items in DigitKart tray, tap pay, and complete the purchase instantly.
      D7 DA

      AI Data Analytics:

      Hardware-triggered alerts and notifications. Detailed sales and transaction reporting.

      Revolutionizing Checkout Processes

      Problem Statement:​

      The Hospitality industry faces inefficiencies in traditional check-out processes of the F&B items in their Marketplaces and Pantries.​


      • Long queues.​
      • Customer dissatisfaction.​
      • Lost revenue.


      A streamlined, efficient, and contactless check-out solution for F&B items.​


      • Enhance guest experience.​
      • Boost revenue.​

      DigitKart: Transforming Guest Experiences

      Our AI-powered Frictionless self check-out solution

      How It Works​

      Guest Convenience:​

      • Guests can charge purchased items directly to their room through DigitKart.​

      Revenue Capture:​

      • DigitKart ensures all purchases are recorded, minimizing revenue leakage.​
      • Unlock ancillary revenue as a growth opportunity.​


      Increased Ancillary Revenue: ​

      • No lines mean more guests can make purchases.​
      • Reduces item abandonment.​
      • Captures unrecorded guest purchases.​
      • Seamless, contactless check-out.​

      Efficient Check-Out of F&B items in the Marketplace or Pantry: ​

      • Eliminate long lines by allowing guests to check out seamlessly using DigitKart.​​

      Impact of DigitKart on the Hospitality Industry

      Revenue Boost:​​

      Ancillary Revenue Increase: ​

      • Guests spend more when there’s no line.​​
      • Unrecorded purchases are captured.​

      Cost Reduction: ​

      • Streamlined operations.​​​
      • Reduced manual check-out workload for Front Desk Clerks.​​

      Increased Guest Satisfaction:​​

      • Faster check-out leads to happier guests.​
      • Positive experience creates repeat business.​​

      Competitive Advantages of DigitKart


      Traditional Check-Outs:​

      • Long lines and manual processes.​​

      Other Solutions: ​

      • Self-checkouts, mobile apps, but none tailored for hotels.​

      Our Competitive Advantages:​​​

      Tailored Solution: ​

      • DigitKart designed specifically for Full and Select Hotels.​​

      Cost Advantage:

      • Low barrier to enter.​​​

      Seamless Integration:

      • Works with existing hotel systems.​

      Revenue Optimization: ​

      • Captures every purchase, even incidental ones.​​

      Marketing and Implementation Strategy for DigitKart

      Target Audience:​

      Hospitality Industry, with a focus on Full and Select Hotels.​

      • Long lines and manual processes.​

      Channels: ​​

      • Leverage Industry Conferences​
      • Engage with Hotel Associations, ​
      • e-publication article placements​
      • Gartner/ Analyst Relations and ​
      • conduct Direct & Digital Outreach​
      • Pilot Programs: Test DigitKart in select hotels.​​



      • DigitKart designed specifically for Full and Select Hotels.​​​


      • Gradual Roll-Out across hotel locations.​​​​

      Integration: ​

      • Ensure Seamless Integration with existing hotel management systems.​​