How IoT is Revolutionizing Retail Operations and Experience  

How IoT is revolutionizing Retail


In an ever-evolving landscape, retail industries are leveraging the IoT (Internet of Things) to enhance customer experience, improve operation efficiency, manage inventory accuracy, and optimize supply chain management. In post-pandemic retail shopping, amid the omnichannel experience, customers visit stores to experience customer service and explore product ranges. IoT offers better retail services and shopping experiences.

IoT is a network of physical devices with sensors, beacons, GPS, RFID, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and clouds through the internet or other communication networks.

Retailers are leveraging IoT in several retail activities for several reasons:

Enhanced Customer Experience – IoT technologies collect valuable data of the customers and provide personalized product recommendations, enable self-checkout options, and provide seamless shopping experiences.

Improved Inventory Management – The IoT based Smart Shelves with integrated scales can detect stock availability and enable real-time inventory tracking that helps to reduce out-of-stock or overstocking issues. Retailers can automate inventory monitoring with RFID, sensors, beacons and enhance supply chain efficiency.

Data-driven insights – IoT analyzes vast amounts of data to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, product preferences, and store monitoring. Retailers can use this data for market strategies, merchandising, and to increase business growth.

Product Placement – Customers prefer ease of access to the products, for instance, fruits and vegetables are placed at the entrance of the store, and non-food products are near checkouts. IoT collects insights from sensors and data analytics to help place products in the most profitable layouts, thereby providing a seamless shopping experience. 

Automation – Automation checkouts allow customers to self-checkout and pay through online payments and proceed their way without the intervention of store employees. Thus, it reduces labor shortages and helps increase employee productivity in much needed areas.

Cost-effective – IoT technologies increase operational efficiency and improve inventory accuracy, reducing labor shortages through automation, thus making it cost efficient. 

At Digit7, we leverage IoT in our suite of products, such as DigitMart – our Autonomous Smart Store solution, DigitKart – our frictionless self-checkout solution, DigitSquare – our data annotation tool solution, and DigitRobo – our drone inventory management solution to enhance customer experience and increase revenue.

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