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NACS Show 2024 Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, Nevada


Monday, October 07 - 10


Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Catch Digit7 showcasing its revolutionary product, DigitKart, at the NACS Show 2024, taking place from October 7 - 10, 2024, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a leading global event for convenience-related industries, the NACS Show 2024 provides a platform for innovation and advancement.

DigitKart represents an innovative product to deliver a highly advanced self-checkout. With the capability to swiftly scan over 15 items per second without relying on traditional barcode scanning, DigitKart ensures efficient transactions while enabling secure credit card payments. Moreover, its advanced AI matrix ensures real-time stock updates following each purchase, optimizing store operations seamlessly. Experience the future of convenience store operations and elevate your shopping experiences with Digit7's cutting-edge self-checkout solution, DigitKart.

Join Digit7 at the NACS Show 2024 and meet our team for a more in-depth demonstration of DigitKart and learn how our next-gen technologies keep your business outshine in the ever-evolving market trends.

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