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Retail Stores In The Future

Retail Stores In The Future

The future of retail stores will revolve around becoming the central hub for unified retail commerce while continuously evolving to provide captivating and immersive experiences for both customers and associates. By embracing advanced technologies, retailers can develop profitable and adaptable fulfillment models within physical stores, all while establishing a foundation for real-time data and analytics. 

Retail Operations

To enhance operational visibility and efficiency, as well as improve customer engagement and associate experience, retailers should consider implementing data-driven in-store execution strategies. Key technologies to leverage include: 

Edge Computing
IOt based store monitoring
Item level rfid
Smart Robots

Storefront Automation 

To foster increased engagement between associates and customers, retailers can employ various technologies to create immersive in-store experiences. These technologies include:

AR / VR / Mr
IOt based store monitoring
iVSD (Interactive Visual Shopping Display) 
Smart Shelves
Digital Signage
Smart Checkout

Beyond The Store Automation

To effectively meet the rising demand for online shopping, retailers should adopt a rapid, cost-optimized, store-based, semi-automated, high-output fulfillment model. This can be achieved through the implementation of the following technologies:

Smart lockers
Store-Based Micro fulfillment Centers 
Location based service
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