The Role of Image Annotation in AI:
Exploring the use cases for Computer Vision.

    Read Digit7’s comprehensive whitepaper, that talks about the diverse applications of Data Annotation types that are currently available including DigitSquare powered by Digit7.

    In this whitepaper, Digit7's award winning AVP - Head of Product Engineering Shivaprakash S Nagaraj , will offer valuable insights and expertise to help readers understand how data annotation plays a pivotal role in driving AI innovation and its real-world applications.

    Key Highlights

    Image transformation into
    insights and how they drive
    the future of AI.
    Evolution of Image
    Annotation and AI powered
    Dataset Preprocessing.
    Learn more on how
    DigitSquare automates
    extensive dataset labeling.


    Shivaprakash S Nagaraj, AVP - Head of Product Engineering at Digit7, is a recent award winner with extensive experience in Product Engineering and Platform Development, including Account Management, Business Development, New Business Generation, Client Partnership, and multimillion-dollar Product Development, Integration, and Consulting with leading organizations.