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No Barcodes Required.

Identifies multiple items within seconds, no barcodes needed.


DigitKart enables your customers to scan, pay and continue on their way in 10 seconds.

DigitKart is 6x faster than traditional self-checkout machines.

faster computer vision cameras

DigitKart can increase your revenue margins by 25% by speeding up lines – less waiting equals more revenue.

Digit7 has teamed up with payment processor Stripe to guarantee the safety and security of your customer's credit cards.


DigitKart Kiosks in Action

From convenience stores to sports arenas, our kiosks are reducing product waste,
increasing revenue, and enhancing the customer experience. You can find us in:
Convenience Stores:

Offering round-the-clock options and convenience 24/7.


Serving cafeterias nationwide.


Serving cafeterias nationwide.

Sports Arenas

Ensuring fans never miss the action with our checkouts at major games.

Full & Select Hotels

Providing contactless checkout to your guests.

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About DigitKart

What is DigitKart?

DigitKart is an AI-powered checkout solution that empowers your customers to select items in your store, make payments, and proceed without the need for barcodes, lines, or cashiers. 

How does DigitKart work?

DigitKart utilizes a proprietary AI-based computer vision technology that rapidly identifies multiple items in seconds. This technology allows customers to select items from the store shelves and place the items on the tray. Our advanced computer vision, AI, and machine learning seamlessly recognize the items, ensuring your customer’s transaction is completed within seconds without having to scan any barcodes. 

What are the tangible benefits of DigitKart?

  • Implementing this solution aids in minimizing long waiting lines, streamlining checkout processes, and optimizing your store operations holistically. 
  • Improves and enhances your customers’ shopping experience by simplifying the checkout process, fostering increased customer loyalty. 
  • Optimize operational costs by leveraging DigitKart to support your current staff and effectively address labour shortages. 
  • Boost your revenue by increasing the hourly transaction rate.

Which industries or businesses stand to gain the most from implementing DigitKart?

DigitKart is a highly versatile solution and benefits various industries, including retail, grocery stores, convenience stores, food and beverage providers, cafeterias, airport facilities, event venues, manufacturing, and more. 

Shopper Experience

Can my customers add or remove items from their virtual cart during their shopping session?

Customers can effortlessly add or remove products from the virtual cart by placing or removing items on the DigitKart Countertop plate. The virtual cart is promptly updated in real-time as items are placed and automatically scanned. 

Is there a limit on the number of items a customer can purchase using DigitKart self-checkout?

DigitKart self-checkout solution stands as an industry leader in item identification capabilities, demonstrating an impressive proficiency in recognizing a diverse range of items.

Will customers receive a purchase receipt for their transaction?

Certainly, customers have the flexibility to decide whether printing a receipt is a mandatory or optional choice for their transactions. 

If customers encounter an unknown product during the scanning process, what should they do?

DigitKart includes a fallback mechanism that allows your customers to scan the barcode of unknown products. 

Can my customers buy age-restricted items (e.g., alcohol, tobacco) using DigitKart self-checkout?

While it is technically possible, we highly advise that age-restricted items requiring verification be managed by your store associate to ensure full compliance with age restrictions.

What types of items can DigitKart identify?

DigitKart AI Matrix, driven by proprietary computer vision, ML, and AI, possesses the capability to identify a wide array of items, encompassing groceries, fresh vegetables, fruits, packaged foods, and more. 

Technical Support and Maintenance

Is training provided to my store staff on how to operate DigitKart ?

Store staff or associates will receive thorough training on DigitKart to ensure proficiency in operating the platform and assisting shoppers as needed. 

Security and Privacy

How is the customers' information kept secure?

Your data is stored securely in encrypted form, and we have implemented robust security measures to safeguard it. 

Payment and Billing

What payment methods are accepted at DigitKart stores?

Currently, DigitKart accepts only credit/debit cards. 

Inventory and Product Availability

How does DigitKart help in managing and updating product availability and stock information?

DigitKart touchless checkout solution employs real-time inventory tracking to maintain precise product availability data. When a purchase is made, it is promptly updated in the system.

Customer Feedback

How can shoppers reach out to DigitKart's customer support for assistance or inquiries?

Customers can reach out to Digit7 Customer support hotline for any assistance or inquiries. 

Future Developments

What security measures are in place to prevent theft or unauthorized access?

Yes, DigitKart integrates seamlessly with the installed Video Analytics Cameras to enhance security, facilitating real-time monitoring to deter theft and identify suspicious activities. 

Are there upcoming plans to introduce new features or enhancements to DigitKart?

We strive for constant improvement and innovation which means we have plans to introduce new features, broaden our product range, and elevate the overall shopping experience with DigitKart self-checkout.

Why DigitKart?

Rapid Item Identification & Business Optimization 

DigitKart uses a proprietary AI, ML and computer vision to identify multiple items in a fraction of seconds. Once implemented, DigitKart will ensure business operations optimization and will cater to the changing customer’s expectation.    

Growing Demand for 24/7 Business Availability 

The expectation of round-the-clock availability has become the norm for many customers. They often anticipate that businesses should be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to cater to their needs. This pushes businesses to strive to meet the evolving demands of their customer base. 

Importance of Streamlined Checkout Experiences 

Businesses can’t afford to lose customers to their competitors simply because of a cumbersome or inefficient checkout process. Ensuring that the checkout process is smooth and easy ensures that customers keep coming back. 

Scan, Pay, Go  

DigitKart accelerates the checkout process with easy scanning and quick payments. It elevates the checkout experience and reduces transaction time. 

Improved Efficiency and Streamlined Operations 

DigitKart leverages AI and IoT technologies to streamline various operational aspects. It simplifies the checkout process by cutting down on the number of steps during a shopping trip, allowing businesses to boost their earnings by increasing store footprint and improving overall customer satisfaction. 

What makes DigitKart unique?

Automated Object Identification from Any Angle 

With our technologically advanced cameras and computer vision algorithms, DigitKart identifies objects in three dimensions. It also distinguishes between product sizes, brands, and contents, all without requiring a scale or a barcode. 

Increases in Revenue 

DigitKart offers unsurpassed identification speed, enabling sales transactions to be completed in under three seconds.  

Barcode-Free Scanning Flexibility 

DigitKart is a barcode free solution enabling it to scan any item from any angle. 

Leading the A.I Matrix  

DigitKart, powered by our proprietary AI, ML, IoT, Computer Vision, and Edge Computing technologies, ensures seamless operations to stay ahead in providing a customer experience unlike your competition. 

Flexible Payment Options 

DigitKart seamlessly accepts a variety of payment methods, including digital wallets, credit cards, and cash, offering customers the flexibility they need. So, customers can scan and pay on the go. 

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